​A mask must be worn over your nose and mouth at all times at our facility.  You must enter in a mask, workout in a mask and leave in a mask. We look forward to the day when masks won't be necessary, but we just aren't there yet.  Please do not come to practice if you are unable to wear your mask the entire time. 

No walk-ins will be accepted.  Our classes are capped at 8 people per session, so you must pre-register for each class in advance.  No exceptions will be made. There are 8 marked spaces in our yoga room.  Please use one of these spaces when you practice.

You may cancel your reservation up to 1 hour before the class begins without any penalty. If you reserve a space in class, but do not show up for class or cancel at least an hour beforehand, you will lose the cost of the session.  If you are an autopay member, you will be charged $10 to the card you have on file. 

Our studio will only be open for 15 minutes before and after each class. 

Our locker/changing rooms will only be available for quick changes before or after class.  We ask that you honor the one in/one out policy so that we can still maintain social distancing at all times. 

There will be no shower or water fountain access available. Please plan accordingly. 


There will be no mat, towel or prop rentals. Please bring your own supplies for class.

A door in the studio may be slightly opened during your session.  Please have an extra layer in case it is needed.   

If you or anyone in your household is sick or has recently traveled, please do not come to the studio until after the recommended quarantine period.


You can do this through the Mindbody App, or through our website. On our website, you will click on the tab that says "Sign up for classes here." From there, find the class on the schedule that you'd like to attend. Then click the button that says "SIGN UP."


For new students, you will simply follow all of the prompts to create an account and purchase your class.


However, if you have been to our studio before YOU ALREADY HAVE A MINDBODY ACCOUNT. You will not need to create a new one. When prompted to sign in, instead of creating a new account, you will click the link that says "need new password" located below the sign in button. Then you will enter the email that we have for you and a password reset link will be sent to your email.  From there create a password.  Once your password is set, you should be able to sign into your account and continue to sign up for your classes. 

Please do not create a new account unless you are a new client. 


Three students may waitlist for each session. If there is no sign up button next to the class you wish to attend, that means the class hasn't gone live yet (you can register one week out) or it means that the waitlist is full.

Please make sure that you opt in for text messages/email notifications, as this is how you will be notified if you are moved off the waitlist and into a class. Please make sure that you confirm when you are notified of a spot opening up, or you may cancel it if no longer fits your schedule. If you do not receive a notification an hour before the class begins, then a spot is not available. 

The booking window will close 60 minutes before a class begins. If you register for a class and do not cancel the registration before the 60 minute window, there will be a financial penalty. You will be charged $10 to your card on file if you are an autopay customer, or you will lose one class from your package.  Class sizes are small, please be considerate. 



Please remember that we are in uncharted territory! We are feeling our way through this and we will adapt as we need to in order to ensure the health and safety of our community. Please do not hesitate to email Robyn if you have any questions or concerns.